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Introducing the 10-Day Money Mindset Makeover(TM) program... 

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All The Tools You Need To Reboot & Rewire Your Money Mindset

The 10-Day Money Mindset Makeover™ (10-Day MMM)
 is all about breaking through your mindset barriers with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

The course provides the tools and support you need to bust through internal barriers to greater success, reboot & rewire your mindset with scientifically proven techniques, and bring your business to the next financial level and beyond!

The 10-Day MMM™ is an experiential program that helps you:

  • Actively expand your brain’s capacity,
  • Think more prosperously &
  • Hit your own new levels of wealth.

Reach New Wealth Levels

Break through barriers and reach new levels of wealth. 

See More of What's Possible

Increase your belief in what's possible for you and your business.

Focus Your Mind 

Learn to focus on exactly what you want for your life and business.

“Thanks so much for holding the space for an amazing 10-day experience! I have at least two new clients AND a brand-new coaching level in the works. There’s a tremendous amount of “money magic” with your Money Mindset program!

I love how you combine so many different coaching techniques to take you from where you are to where you want to be. The 10-Day Money Mindset Makeover™ resulted in several-thousand-dollars-worth of extra income for me. I’m sold!”  

Julie Hood

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10 Day Money Mindset Makeover

Starts July 25, 2022

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“I had the great fortune of taking Erica’s Money Mindset Makeover course. I got so much out of it and didn’t even realize I’d had blocks to having conversations about money. Those blocks were preventing me from new levels of success in my business. If you have the opportunity to take that course, I’d give you a whole-hearted ‘yes you should take that course!’

You can not only address the blocks and barriers that are in front of you, known or unknown, that are holding you back, and that you’ve put in your own way – but by listening to Erica’s sage wisdom and participating in the program the way she presents it, like I did, I can assure you that you will get through those blocks and move forward in your journey of greater wealth.”                                                                                  

Doug Sandler, CEO,

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Starts July 25, 2022

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